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Your first visit with us is an in-depth comprehensive exam.

A Comprehensive Oral Exam (COE) is a complete and thorough evaluation performed for new patients in order to adequately determine you oral condition and dental needs. (Low-dose radiation, comfortable x-rays and an intraoral camera will help diagnose existing conditions).

  • Medical History – Please bring with you a list of current medications or vitamins.  [See our Forms Section]
  • Oral Cancer Screening – A visual and manual examination of your head, neck and mouth.
  • Dental X-rays – Low-dose radiation digital x-rays.
  • Intra Oral Camera Pictures – Digital pictures of your teeth and oral structures will be taken.
  • Dental Examination – The dentist and hygienist will examine all of your teeth to check for decay (cavities) and fillings that may need repair.
  • Periodontal Screening – Measurements of your gums will be taken to evaluate the possible presence of gum disease.
  • Patient Education/Oral Hygiene Instructions – An explanation of your specific dental status will be provided. Oral hygiene recommendation and instructions will be discussed with you so you will be able to maintain or achieve a healthy smile.