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Not many people enjoy a dental visit, but some will put off any sort of routine dental care for years. This puts not only their teeth, but their general health in danger.  In fact, estimates say that up to 15% of American’s don’t go to the dentist because of fear or anxiety.  We understand going to the dentist can be intimidating and overwhelming for a multitude of reasons.

General Anxiety at the Dentist

Even people who don’t suffer from a diagnosis like Generalized Anxiety Disorder may find themselves confronted with anxiety when it comes to a dental visit,  Regardless of if it’s a routine cleaning or extensive dental work, something in the process triggers stress and worry.

Not in Control

Being vulnerable is a scary place to be, but everyone has to trust someone to take care of their teeth.  Crosspoint Cares is a process we created where we keep you, the patient, as involved as possible.  Together, we take a tour of your entire mouth so you can discover what Dr Kelly sees, we educate you on all the options and once we’ve helped you explore all avenues, we go ahead with the treatment you’ve chosen.

Bad Experience at the Dentist

Going through a bad experience can be traumatizing, leading many people to stop going to the dentist all together.  Rest assured, Dr Kelly takes time and care with every patient, there are no quotes to fill or reasons to rush.

Embarrassed about Teeth

You might have avoided the dentist so long at this point, you feel your teeth are beyond saving.  There’s a chance you’re worried the dentist will be upset with you, that they’ll refuse treatment, that they’ll tell you something you don’t want to hear or worse.  Dr Kelly helps nervous patients every day, helping them relax in a warm welcoming place, free of judgement.  Your health is her highest priority.

How can I go to the dentist if I’m scared?

There are many people who use hypnosis or therapy to help them conquer their fear of the dentist, but many of our patients have found great success with oral sedation dentistry.

What is oral conscious sedation dentistry?

Oral conscious sedation is an altered state of consciousness, where you become disassociated with your surroundings. Memory, anxiety, and perception of pain are greatly reduced, and you become very relaxed and comfortable. For example, most people having oral conscious sedation “think” they have been asleep because they cannot remember anything that went on from the time the sedation was started to the time they left the office.

Is oral sedation dentistry the same as anesthesia?

No, they are very different.  General anesthesia, or “being asleep”, is being rendered completely unconscious, your reflexes are diminished, and you have to have machines to help regulate your breathing.  Anesthesia always carries a risk of side effects, and requires constant supervision, which is why it’s usually done in a hospital setting.

What is oral sedation like?

Before your procedure, Dr Kelly will prescribe and issue an oral medication including instructions on when to take your pill.  Usually you’ll take it the night before, and be given additional medication before and during the appointment.

You will be awake, but in a haze, remembering very little, with what you do remember not being unpleasant at all.  Most patients who have oral sedation dentistry don’t recall or feel any part of the procedure at all. After your appointment, the sedatives may leave you feeling groggy for several hours.

Is oral sedation dentistry safe?

It is very safe, but it is still a medication, which means you MUST let your dentist know about any and all medications, supplements, recreational drugs (including alcohol), and medical issues so we can alter the procedure appropriately.  Your health is the most important thing to us.