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While this procedure has a very bad reputation, it is often undue.  Root canal therapy is basically a filling in the tooth below the gum line.  It is needed when the nerve and blood supply to a tooth are compromised.  Decay and bacteria is removed from inside the tooth and a filling is placed. A post, core and crown then restores the rest of the tooth above the gum line.  It is important to know that root canal therapy is always more pleasant when it is completed before the tooth is infected and swollen.

Re-treatment can occur, depending on up-keep in personal hygiene.
There are cases where re-infection can occur because of:

  1. The complete anatomy of the tooth canals were not detected during the first procedure.
  2. The placement of the “crown” was delayed to long following the procedure.
  3. Salivary contamination.
  4. Lifespan of all root canals are limited.