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“It’s about care over commodity.”

We at Crosspoint are not about getting a large volume of patients in and out of door every day. We believe in patient-focused, customized care and in building a strong relationship with our patients. We’re like the family dentist that you remember from your childhood, when you saw the same dentist and same hygienist every six months and they knew your name and your family. We honor that tradition but incorporate cutting-edge technology that is more efficient, timely and designed to help you reach your dental goals.

It’s just the way it should be.

Painless Anesthesia

Seriously? Yes! No more big needles, no more big fat lips. You will leave the office exactly the way you came in — and have an enjoyable experience while getting that tooth filled. Our single-tooth anesthesia device is a controlled, computerized drip that targets the individual tooth being worked on.

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Anxiety-Free Dentistry

We understand that dental anxiety or dental phobia isn’t something you can just get over or ignore. It can prohibit you from being in control of your health. We create custom care plans for all of our patients to make sure that they are receiving their treatments in ways that are most comfortable for them. Click below to learn more about our treatments and services.

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Invisible Braces

Maybe you’re an adult who didn’t wear your retainer. Maybe you’re a high school student who would like a straighter smile. Regardless of the reason, invisible braces can give you a fast and effective path to reaching your smile goals. Curious to know if you’re a candidate? Click the button below to find out!

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Our patients are our team members

We don’t believe in coming up with a laundry list of problems and giving you only one option to fix them. You are an important part of the team when building a treatment plan.

We want to know your dental goals, if you have a dental phobia, and we want to answer all of your questions. It’s the only way to build a custom treatment plan that is as unique as you are.

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In-House Dental Insurance

Not everyone has a dental insurance plan, and not everyone likes the dentists that are in-network. We have an in-house insurance plan that can keep you covered for your preventative visits plus exclusive pricing with a savings of 10-15% off of your emergency visits.
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