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Dental Phobia

Dental phobia is very real, and it can keep you from being in control of your health. Even making that first phone call for a consultation with a new dentist may be frightening. Our team gets it.

We want you to be comfortable and at ease when you are in our care, and the first step is getting to know us. We believe in building personal relationships with all of our patients so that we can learn what your experiences have been, what your goals are and what you need from us — all so you can release your anxiety and take control of your health again.

What’s it like to be a Crosspoint patient?

Traditional values with cutting-edge technology

Addressing your previous dental experiences

Get to know Dr. Truong

If you are going to be comfortable in someone’s care, you want to get to know them, and that doesn’t just mean learning where they went to school. We want you to get to know Dr. Truong’s philosophy of care and her personality too!

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