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"We do not believe in assembly-line dentistry. We built Crosspoint Dentistry on cutting-edge technology with traditional family values."

-Dr. Kelly Truong

Get to know Dr. Truong...

Learn a little bit about Dr. Truong and why she became a dentist — where she started and why Crosspoint may be the right fit for you.

Meet our team

We specialize in those of you who have stayed away from the dentist out of fear. From the time you call us to the time you are in the chair, you set the pace. We want to make sure that you are 100% comfortable. Sometimes our patients need a visit to get to know us before any procedures are done. That’s okay! You are in the driver’s seat.

Whether you love getting your six-month cleanings or had a bad experience as a child that has scarred you as an adult — or you were just born being terrified of the dentist — we’ve got you!






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