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Dr. Truong tells it the way it should be.


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Delaying Cavity Treatment Can Cost You More

Delaying Cavity Treatment Can Cost You More Maintaining oral health is not just about keeping…
Dental CareHealthy Teeth

How bad is Halloween candy for your teeth?

Halloween is a time for costumes, spooky fun, and, of course, candy! While it's natural…
Dental Phobia

Don’t play the dental insurance waiting game

Don't let insurance dictate your care Taking care of your dental health is a vital…
Dental Phobia

Advancements in dental technology mean no more goopy impressions

New technology = comfortable dentistry Traditional dental impressions involved using putty-like material that you had…
Dental Phobia

Terrified of needles? Try Single Tooth Anesthesia!

Single Tooth Anesthesia is the Novocain alternative The thought of receiving multiple injections can make…
Dental Phobia

What are the benefits of oral conscious sedation?

Understanding Oral Conscious Sedation Oral conscious sedation involves the administration of sedative medications, usually in…
Dental Phobia

Kevin’s Afraid Of The Dentist

Can conquering your dental phobia get you a new hip? In Kevin's case? Yes it…