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Painless Anesthesia with the STA Machine

Raise your hand if you love Novocain!
Just a guess, no one raised their hand.
That’s because no one loves needles and no one loves the big fat lip you leave the office with.
Our patients deserve a more comfortable option.

Being afraid to get yourself out of pain is just not the way it should be.
That’s why we give you the option of Single Tooth Anesthesia, or STA for short.

What is the STA?

The Single Tooth Anesthesia System is a computer-controlled local dental anesthetic system that allows us to numb the single tooth that is being treated.

The STA Wand delivers a steady drip of anesthetic in between the tooth and the gum.

Most people who have received STA hardly feel a thing!

How does it work?

Curious as to what happens when you are receiving STA?
Here is what you can expect:

  • Dr. Truong will start with an extra-strength numbing topical gel
  • She will gently place the STA Wand in between the tooth and the gum that will be receiving treatment
  • You may feel the wand slide next to the tooth
  • Dr. Truong will deliver the medication
  • She will check to make sure that you are completely numb
  • The procedure will commence