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Why is flossing so important?

Brushing your teeth twice a day is great, but plaque hides in your smile’s tiny spaces that your brush can’t reach. Enter floss, your oral hygiene hero! This is less than a 2-minute routine:

Removes Plaque: Floss slips into tight spaces between the teeth, dislodging plaque (which causes cavities) to be rinsed away.
Keeps Gums Healthy: Regular flossing removes plaque from the gum line, keeping your gums happy and healthy.

Benefits Beyond the Smile: Studies link good flossing to lower risks of heart disease, stroke, and even diabetes!

Flossing Fast Forward:

Find your floss: Try waxed, flavored, or picks to find your perfect match.
Start small: Conquer a few teeth at a time, then expand your dental dominion.
Get creative: Water flossers or picks can be great alternatives to floss.

Make it a habit: Pair flossing with another daily routine, like washing your face.
Remember, even flossing a small amount goes a long way! Grab your trusty string, unleash your inner dental hero, and watch your smile (and health) shine!